• Driving after Knee Replacement

    Driving after Knee Replacement

    A common question from patients after knee replacement is “When can I drive again?” Most patients are eager to regain the ability to drive, and get out of the house to enjoy their everyday activities, or simply get back to work and out of the house.

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  • The Benefit of Outpatient Hip Replacement

    The Benefit of Outpatient Hip Replacement

    Hip replacement surgery is one of modern medicine's most common and successful
    orthopedic surgeries. With recent advances in minimally invasive techniques, outpatient hip replacement has become a prevalent option for many patients.

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  • When to Seek a Second Opinion on Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

    When to Seek a Second Opinion on Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

    The goal of hip and knee replacement surgery is to get you back moving again - without daily nagging joint pain. If you or a loved one are considering joint replacement, a second opinion can always help in your decision.

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  • High Tech Knee Replacement

    High Tech Knee Replacement

    New trends in knee replacement surgery utilize innovative technology that allows surgeons to personalize procedures for each patient. The good news is that as technology improves and evolves, so does the success rate of total knee replacement surgery.

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  • Are You a Candidate for Same Day Hip Replacement?

    Are You a Candidate for Same Day Hip Replacement?

    With recent advancements in healthcare, patients can now opt for same-day surgery. Healthy, active patients have better options in hip surgery than the previous generation. Same-day total hip replacement is now a viable option with many benefits.

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  •  The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University - Home of Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • The Naval Medical Center
  • University of Miami Hospital

Same Day Hip & Knee Replacement

Recovering at home means leaving the hospital setting and getting to recuperate in the comfort of your home. You will progress better in a familiar home environment where you are more likely to receive good care and a good night’s sleep.

Patient Reviews

  • “Dr. Hammel just performed my second hip replacement surgery and I am feeling great. 4 days post op and I cannot wait to enjoy my life again that he has given me the opportunity to live to the fullest! He is such an easy going professional that listened to all of my concerns and requests. I cant...”

  • I had a hip replacement surgery done last September, 2017. The results have been excellent. All pain in right hip and leg is gone. It hasn't been a full year and I feel like I'm fully recovered. Very, very satisfied...

  • I had both biceps ripped from my arms in a motorcycle accident involving a wet rubber mat at a gas station. Dr Hammel performed the surgeries to reattach my biceps recently. I am amazed at his work and bedside manner. Very healing personality type too. I will refer my friends to him if they need...

Patient Reviews

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The Benefits of Outpatient Knee Replacement

The Benefits of Outpatient Knee Replacement

With over 600,000 total knee replacements annually, knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful operations in modern medicine.1 For arthritis patients suffering from knee pain, it provides significant relief and improved joint function.

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